Why you need to upgrade your Shopify store to a Premium Theme

Why you need to upgrade your Shopify store to a Premium Theme

Running a Shopify store involves constantly adapting your features to match the changing nature of your online business. For new online store owners, starting with a free theme offered by Shopify is natural, since there would be a lot of testing involved while your business progresses. But you need to understand that your website DEFINITELY looks like hundreds of thousands of other Shopify websites out there and this is not good for your sales.

Free themes are a great starting point for new entrepreneurs, but as your online business grows and your sales increase, so do your needs. Upgrading to a premium Shopify theme is the next natural step. The sooner the better, in my opinion.

First impressions are important. Did you know 75% of consumers admit to judging a company’s credibility based on their web design? One of the most common reasons for upgrading to a premium theme is design.

Shopify’s free themes may be solid and functional, but you don’t have to look hard to find something lacking in their look and feel. Premium themes offer more variation, more options for customisation, and a richer customer experience.

Here are a few good reasons to switch to a premium Shopify theme.

As a Shopify user, you’ve surely heard of apps you can use to add more features to your store. Having one of the basic, solid Shopify’s free themes and adding apps to your liking seems like a pretty simple hack, doesn’t it? The problem is that each time you install an app, you add third-party files and a custom code that will weigh down when it comes to performance.

The advantage of paid themes is that they are richer in features and they are optimised to perform fast, without bugs or crashes. You will avoid the risk of a Shopify app interfering with your theme, or with another app by having everything under one roof.

Compare the difference in features between free and paid themes. Whether it’s a “quick buy” button, homepage slideshow, integrated Instagram feed, or embedded video, premium theme features far outweigh those of free themes.

Feature sets often determine which theme works best for your store.

All the factors above, like a faster web site, a richer customer experience, and a personalised vision of your brand will convince customers to purchase from you.

Premium themes offer a wide range of tools that lead to a better conversion rate: from a simple homepage slideshow you can add in a few seconds to detailed reports on your traffic.

As mentioned before, upgrading to a premium Shopify theme should be part of a long-term vision of your business. Planning ahead includes leaving space for future upgrades, but also making sure that the developers of your theme are there to help you maximise its potential.

Are You Ready to Upgrade to a Premium Shopify Theme?

As you can see, for a Shopify store owner who is here to stay, it’s not a matter of “if”, but “when” they will upgrade to a premium theme.

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